"I make things because I have to. I often caught up in the beauty and grime of everything around me and I use my art practice as a form of meditation/contemplation.

As a queer person, recognition in conjunction with self-love and acceptance has always been an undertone to my work. As a creator, my thought process sometimes becomes an issue because the thing I’m usually looking for needs to be reached by not thinking. My personal spiritual practice and healing journey involve a lot of feeling my body and observing my surroundings through meditation. Somatic Experience has been a very influential vehicle in that regard. More recently, spiritual traditions like yoga and Wicca/witchcraft have inspired me. I have always been a multidisciplinary artist, and I’ve dabbled in sculpture, installation, illustration, and book-making. Currently, I am expanding my knowledge of mythology, queer theory, monstrosity and queer “theirstory” to incorporate into a new series."

Meg Hustymer is a non-binary artist, illustrator, and writer based in Cincinnati, OH. They received their BFA from the College of Design, Architecture, Art, And Planning at the University of Cincinnati, in addition to certificates of Pre-Art Therapy and Creative Writing. In university, Meg approached their subject matter through different media and facets, including large-scale installations that incorporated “grounding”, a technique associated with meditation and trauma therapy. In the summer of 2018, Meg traveled to three major cities in India with Operation Groundswell and their native partners to learn about the practice of yoga in both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, hoping to gain a deeper understanding of healing of the mind and body. They participated in “Let’s Be Perfectly Queer”, a queer-focused writing class hosted by Women Writing For A Change, and have been working as an assistant under Phebe Beiser, the co-founder of The Ohio Lesbian Archives. Currently, Meg freelances as an independent graphic designer.